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November 1, 2021

Photoshoot of Debbie Harry in “Andy Warhol’s Bad” T-Shirt, 1979

From a photo shoot in 1979 at the Old Street Studio in London, frontwoman for the iconic New Wave band Blondie Debbie Harry wore this t-shirt, as well as performing on stage with it too. Andy Warhol’s Bad was a 1977 comedy film; the last he produced before his death 10 years later.

Debbie Harry has always been known for her effortless thrift-store style t-shirts, and this “Andy Warhol’s Bad” tee is easily one of her most iconic. Although Harry and Warhol’s connection to each other extended far beyond the swirling letters of t-shirt.

“I bumped into Andy on Broadway and 13th street and said hello and we chatted about everything. I suppose this is how we met and our friendship grew from there,” Harry has since said. “He was very softly spoken and used a funny Polaroid portrait camera. Andy was part of our legacy and our future.” An early pop art image of Harry by Warhol from 1980 has recently been sold for a cool $5.9 million.

(Photos by Brian Aris)


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