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November 13, 2021

Charming Vintage Photos of ’50s Shoe Styles

Fashion in the 1950s brought the world out of the conservative war years and into the dazzling ’50s. Dresses were bigger, accessories richer, hairstyles taller, and shoes.…well, plainer. With so much new emphasis on the rest of women’s fashion, 1950s shoe styles became understated accessories. Instead of bold patterns and piles of fancy adornments, shoes were basic classy single color pumps, flats, wedgies, and loafers.

1950s shoe styles

Black and brown were the main choices for day wear, while brighter colors were acceptable for summer sportswear or house slippers. Shoes also coordinated perfectly with an outfit’s accessories by matching purses, gloves, belts, and even jewelry perfectly.

The 1950s shoe styles were varied, but almost all came down to fitting into one of these popular silhouettes.

Model's legs are showing Paradise shoes, NoMend stockings, and a Juilliard tweed skirt, 1950

Pink velvet pump by Rayne, 1950

Shoes by Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 1950

Vogue, May 1951





Black velvet pump with gold and silver inlays by DeLiso Debs, 1953

Pink crepe pump by Capezio, 1953

Studded high heeled opera pumps, 1953

Turquoise and beige silk brocade pump by Mademoiselle, 1953

Charm, August 1955


Vogue, March 1956

Vogue, February 1956

Vogue, October 1956

Vogue, October 1956

January 1957

Vogue, January 1957

Model’s legs are running in red glacé lizard shoes by Fleming-Joffe, 1958

December 1959

Shoes by Roger Vivier, 1959

Shown against a multi-colored polka-dot backdrop, five opera pumps in various colors, 1959

Vogue, February 1959


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