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October 4, 2021

30 Vintage Snaps of People Dressed Up as Superheroes From the Mid-20th Century

Superheroes tend to be thought of as monolithic icons by much of the public, but comic book fans know they have evolved over the decades. Powers develop, supporting casts change, and origins get refreshed. Costumes, too, have evolved, to keep up with changing social norms.

Ever since the first colorful costume debuted in 1938, there have been a wide variety of superhero costumes. Here, a collection of 30 interesting snaps of people dresses up in superhero costumes from the mid-20th century:


  1. C3PO, Pocahontas, Caspar the Friendly Ghost....Are these superheroes from where you come from?
    If so, tell us where that is so we can avoid it at all costs because there is something wrong with the water or the genetics there.

  2. With the exception of C3PO, all of the pictures you quibble about still have people dressed as legit superheroes in them. As for Threep, well, he's got superhuman computation abilities and help saved the galaxy, so I'll allow the designation.

    If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas, yourself, maybe you could try to be a little more like Plastic Man, so you could reach around and pull the stick out.

    1. Oh *you'll* allow it? Well, thank heavens the King of the Internet has shown up to exercize his authority.
      Fact is, this site has been called out on this every October since it began running this same stupid gallery. So before you go making a bigger fool of yourself than you already have, I suggest you save the delusions of grandeur for a site where that is thought to be an admirable trait. Reddit or Facebook, perhaps?

    2. I am guessing reddit is where he came from, with an attitude like that.

    3. The replies are from dipshot carl k.

  3. For the seats in the back: Go the fuck to another website if you don't like this one. Or create your own. Stop complaining like you HAVE to view the website. You don't, so piss off.

    1. Excellent advice. I may just do that myself. Not because of the pics, but because of the childish tone of the comments. There are a ton of other good photo sites out there, and most have done away with comment sections. This site has been turning into a shining example of why they have done so. FWIW, the owner's obvious self-trolling does NOT help.




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