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October 19, 2021

Cupid’s Bow Lipstick Stencils From the 1920s

When you think of 1920s lips you think of the famous “cupid’s bow” lips which were favored and made popular by Hollywood stars like Clara Bow and Mary Pickford. Makeup artist Max Factor created the cupid’s bow which was first ever seen on Clara Bow, women soon started copying Bow’s lips and the famous flapper craze took off.

In 1926 lip stencils were first made by cosmetics manufacturer Helena Rubinstein to ensure the flawless application of a heart-shaped cupid’s bow lip. Women also used stencils to achieve the desired cupid’s bow shape of the lips.

It was also in 1920s that the first wave of feminism came about and women demanded more rights including the right to vote. Lipsticks at that time were actually considered a symbol of feminism.

Metal lip tracers were sold to help women who found it difficult to create the ideal lip shape themselves.


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