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October 27, 2021

Cathy Lee Crosby, the Wonder Woman Everyone Forgot About

If you ask about Wonder Woman, most people will instantly think of and bring up the 1975 version, Lynda Carter. Lynda Carter, with her All-American looks and alluring blue eyes, graced the world with her comic book version of Wonder Woman over forty years ago. And still today is known for her role as the beloved super heroine goddess.

And this was the version of Wonder Woman that Cathy Lee Crosby played in the 1974 made-for-television superhero film by ABC. The film was a pilot for an intended television series being considered by ABC. The movie presented the character as a James Bond-style superspy, and did not contain many elements from the comic book series. Ratings were described as “respectable but not exactly wondrous,” and ABC did not pick up the pilot.

Instead, Warner Brothers and ABC developed a different Wonder Woman television concept that fit the more traditional presentation of the character as created by William Moulton Marston, turning away from the 1968–1972 era that had influenced the pilot. The New Original Wonder Woman, which premiered in 1975, starred Lynda Carter and eventually led to the Wonder Woman TV series. Crosby would later claim that she was offered the chance to reprise the role in that series.




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