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October 22, 2021

30 Vintage Photos of Catherine Deneuve Smoking Cigarette

The French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo spent almost an entire film – the 1960s classic À Bout du Souffle (Breathless) – with a Gauloise dangling from his lips. Audrey Tautou portrayed the designer Coco Chanel pinning haute couture dresses while smoking. Jacques Tati was rarely without his pipe and Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, Gérard Depardieu and Alain Delon all puffed their way through decades of movies.

“I don’t understand why the cigarette is so important in French cinema,” Agnès Buzyn once said.

Catherine Deneuve always seems to have a cigarette in her hand. When one cigarette is finished, another is sparked. “I don’t inhale anymore, it’s bad for your health,” she declared when questioned about her habit. She doesn’t like doing sport either, and keeps healthy by gardening and surrounding herself with her grandchildren. “I try to do what is right with my health, but that is the only thing I haven’t managed to give up yet. People say I should give up, which of course I should, but that’s not what I’d call advice. That’s a fact! Give me advice to stop smoking without suffering, now that would be interesting.”

Catherine Deneuve (born October 22, 1943) is an iconic French actress known for playing cool blondes with hidden depths in the work of some of Europe’s greatest directors. Her legendary beauty and classical elegance have made her famous throughout the world where she is as well known for her promotion of perfume and fashion as she is for her acting.

While in London Deneuve met fashion photographer David Bailey and on August 19, 1965, after a brief courtship, they were married. Their relationship was marred however by affairs on both sides, as well as a language barrier, and eventually ended in an amicable divorce in 1972. She has since said, “Marriage is obsolete and a trap.”

Deneuve returned to France to star in Marcel Camus’ Le Chant du monde (Song of the World, 1965), Agnes Varda’s Les Creatures (1966), and Jean-Paul Rappaneau’s La Vie de château (A Matter of Resistance, 1966). In 1967 she re-teamed with Jacques Demy to make the charming musical Les Demoiselles de Rochefort (The Young Ladies of Rochefort, 1967) opposite her real-life sister, Francoise Dorléac. But it was the film she made just prior to that, Luis Bunuel’s Belle de Jour, that was to make Deneuve an international star.


  1. To me, there is no bigger buzz kill than smoking!
    I don't date smokers because they stink!

    I want everyone to live long and prosper, which is not consistent with smoking




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