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October 24, 2021

1959 Drummond Sweaters Ad: Men Are Better Than Women!

This advertisement for Drummond sweaters targets men, focusing on their everyday performance, while also belittling the role of women.

The largest text besides the brand reads “men are better than women!”, which is followed by a statement about women only being useful indoors. This is further illustrated by the two men standing tall and relaxed on a mountain, one of them holding a rope over the edge where a woman is on the other end.

The purpose is to present the sweaters as items that look good anywhere, the well-dressed men becoming a spectacle that can be admired by women (the main audience they show off for), regardless of location. Men dressed in Drummond sweaters can be praised without having to go through the effort of bringing a woman out of her ‘zone of utility’. This advertisement depicts roles for each gender, relying on the value of a man’s ego.

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  1. Given that this site is overly reliant upon, and even glorifies, photos which objectify women, your hypocrisy here is off the charts.




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