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October 31, 2021

Covers of Hue Magazine in the 1950s

Hue was a monthly celebrity and gossip magazine published in the 1950s by Johnson Publishing, the publishers of Jet and Ebony. It was digest-sized like Jet, but unlike that magazine Hue featured full-color covers and had a back cover often used to highlight aspiring actresses and models.

Hue magazine covers in the 1950s

The covers tended to be a mix of celebrities and models, generally all women, with the exception of the occasional male star.

Here is a set Hue magazine covers that featured classic beauties in the 1950s.

Lena Horne, Hue magazine, December 1953

Ballerina Carmen DeLavallade, Hue magazine, June 30, 1954

Black Dancer Paulette Easley, Hue Magazine, July 28, 1954

Do Athletes Make Good Husbands, Mrs. Johnny Bratton Responds, Hue magazine, November 1954

Glamorous Twins, Vivian and Hilda Brown, Hue magazine, August 1954

Joan Bunche, Daughter of Dr. Ralph Bunche, Hue magazine, April 1954

Joyce Bryant, One of the Wicked Women of Show Business, Hue magazine, June 2, 1954

Lady Redcap, Damita Jo, Hue magazine, May 19, 1954

Mary Smith and What Makes Sex Appeal, Hue magazine, April 21, 1954

Men Who Sell Sex, Hue magazine, March 1954

Mink for Summer, Hue magazine, September 1954

The Unknown Hilda Simms, Hue magazine, January 1954

Vera Francis, Bad Girl of Show Business, Hue Magazine, July 14, 1954

Barbara Jacquet, One of America's Most Pampered Women, Hue magazine, May 1955

Beauty Queen Runner-Up, Dolores Grigsby, Hue magazine, October 1955

Jeanne Limyou, Hue magazine, February 1955

Maggie Rutherford, Covergirl, Hue magazine, October 1955

Pauline Green, Shapely Chicago housewife, Hue magazine, April 1955

Secrets Eartha Kitt Will Tell In Her Book, Hue magazine, March 1955

Why New York Models Like Carole Preston Get All the Breaks, Hue magazine, November 1955

German Girls Who Want To Marry Negroes, Hue magazine, May 1956

Hollywood’s Highest Paid Bit Actress, Hue magazine, November 1956

Diahann Carroll, A Star On The Rise, Hue magazine, February 1958

Shirley Mereday, Harlem Transit Queen, Hue magazine, July 1958

The Many Sides of Pearl Bailey, Hue magazine, December 1958

Johnnie Moon Graces, Hue magazine, January 1959


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