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September 30, 2021

38 Amazing Photos Show How People Lived in Their Homes From the Late 19th Century

One of the most distinct characteristics of a 19th century home are the decorations. Each area in the room is filled with pieces that stand out. Even the windows, doors, fireplace, and followings have distinct shapes and details.

This kind of interior design makes sure that no space is barely looking. Antique decorative pieces, such as figurines, clocks, vase, picture frames, etc., can be used throughout the house.

Curtains must have embellishments, such as ribbons and tassels. Even though the sofas are already a centerpiece in the living room, throw pillows with vibrant color and designs will complete the look.

Another distinct piece in 19th century interior design is the furniture. Furniture must be unique, eloquent, and expressive. The dining tables are usually made from wood tinted with a dark shade of paint or just a preserved piece of wood.

The chairs paired with it are upholstered with a warm touch of color and playful design. The sofas in the living room can have different textures by choosing two or more designs with colors that jive with each other. Shelves or cabinets are mostly made from wood.

These amazing vintage photos show how people lived in their homes in the late 19th century.


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