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September 25, 2021

Fascinating Vintage Photographs Capture Everyday Life in Tri-Taylor Neighborhood, Chicago in the 1970s

These photographs were taken by Lou Fourcher, a University of Chicago Ph.D. psychology student, for a project sponsored by University of Illinois-Chicago’s Valley Project in the early seventies.  They were later discovered and scanned from the original film prints by Mike Fourcher, Lou’s son.

“He was a fish out of water in this neighborhood.” Mike talked about his father, who was only 28 years old when he took these pictures of the Tri-Taylor neighborhood. “He told me many times that he got most of the pictures because he managed to talk a local gang leader into walking him around. I think the work he did at the clinic, the Valley Project, was an inspiration for him, since he later went on to run non-profit health centers, like Erie Family Health Center in Humboldt Park and New City Health Center in Englewood.”

Lou’s photography of the area is a valuable look at a specific time and place in Chicago’s history. They offer more than just a glimpse into the part of the city that no longer exists. Check out Mike’s Flickr site for more.




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