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September 23, 2021

38 Beautiful Photos of Switzerland in the 1950s

For a long period after World War II, the undamaged Swiss economy experienced very little unemployment, and it grew approximately 5 percent per year in the 1950s and ’60s. During this period, foreign policy was virtually reduced to negotiating bilateral trade agreements.

Because Switzerland avoided multilateral ties that could affect its sovereignty, it resisted European integration efforts. Thus, it did not join the European Economic Community (later succeeded by the European Union [EU]); instead it was a founding member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) in 1960.

Switzerland’s economic growth rapidly changed the landscape and the living standard, helping to perpetuate the image of the country as a special case (Sonderfall). It renounced bilateralism only slowly and gradually within “apolitical” international bodies, including the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (1966), the International Monetary Fund and World Bank (1992), and the World Trade Organization (1995).

In 1971, the World Economic Forum was established in Davos as a gathering for the discussion of policy, economics, and social issues. By the early 21st century, the name Davos had become synonymous with globalization and the international decision makers who regularly attended the meeting.

These beautiful color photos were taken by gbfernie5 that show what Switzerland looked like in the 1950s.

Basel. Basler Halle (Today this is the location of the Congress Center, Basel), Switzerland, early 1950s

Basel. Papyrus Shop, Freie Strasse 43 4001, Switzerland, 1956

Aarburg. Aarburg Reformed Church and Fortress Aarburg viewed from the corner of Färbeweg and Landhausstrasse, Switzerland, 1950s

Appenzell. North Easterly view of Hauptgasse from the corner of Hirschengasse & Hauptgasse, Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. Corner of Postgasse and Postgasshalde, Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. Münsterkirche viewed from near the corner of Herrengasse and Bibliothekgässchen, Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. Northerly view from the Nydeggbrücke, Switzerland, early 1950s

Bern. Vennerbrunnen Fountain and Statue (in shadow to the left), Rathaus (to the right) and Christkatholische Kirche St. Peter und Paul (behind and to the left), Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. View of Bern from the Rosengarten, Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. Westerly view from Grosser Muristalden, Switzerland, 1950s

Bern. Zytglogge (Clock Tower), Switzerland, 1950s

Bernese Oberland. View from Schonriedstrasse of Eglise de Saanen, Gstaad, Switzerland, late 1950s

Burgdorf. View from around 19 Emmentalstrasse of the Schloss Burgdorf, Switzerland, 1950s

Burgdorf. View from near 28 Oberburgstrasse of the Schloss Burgdorf, Switzerland, 1950s

Davos. Frauenkirch viewed from Landwasserstrasse, Switzerland, 1950s

Ebikon. Staff Canteen (or "Welfarehouse") of the Schindler Elevators Factory (under construction), Zugerstrasse 13 6030, Switzerland, 1956

Ettiswil. Sakramentskapelle, Schnarzenstrasse 4-6, 6218, Switzerland, 1950s

Lucerne. "Lucerne from the Funicular", view from near Château Gütsch, Switzerland, 18 July 1955

Lucerne. Bus-station ("Bahnhof"), Switzerland, 18 August 1955

Lucerne. Half-timbered House at Stiftstrasse 10, 6006, Switzerland, early 1950s

Lucerne. Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge), Switzerland, 1956

Lucerne. Seebrucke, Switzerland, early 1950s

Lucerne. View from near the Grand Casino, Lake Lucerne, Switzerland, 18 July 1955

Nyon. Nyon Castle at night, Switzerland, 1950s

Rapperswil-Jona. View from beside the Seedammstrasse, Switzerland, 1950s

Rheinau. Klosterkirche, Switzerland, 1950s

Saint-Ursanne. St Jean Bridge and the village, Switzerland, 1950s

Santa Maria Val Müstair. View from 18 Plaz d'Ora Val Müstair, Switzerland, 1950s

Schlosswil. Wil Castle, Switzerland, 1950s

Schwyz. Churerstrasse Bridge, Altendorf, Switzerland, early 1950s

Stein am Rhein. Märlistadt, Switzerland, 1950s

Thunersee. Schloss Oberhofen, Switzerland, 1950s

Trachselwald. The Courtyard of Schloss Trachselwald, Switzerland, 1950s

Traditional Simmental costume, Switzerland, 1950s

Wassen. View of a chapel from near to Holdern (Road), along the Sustenstrasse, Switzerland, 1950s

Zurich, Switzerland, early 1950s

Zurich. Lake Shore, Switzerland, early 1950s

Zurich. North-easterly view from Lindenhof Hill, Switzerland, early 1950s


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