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September 2, 2021

Beautiful Vintage Slides of New York City in the ‘60s

These fascinating slides were taken by amateur photographer Jack Lillywhite. “My in-laws – Jack and Jan Lillywhite – moved to New York City in 1965 when he was stationed there in the Navy,” says Kurt Clark. “They lived on Staten Island, and Jack spent some of his off time taking pictures around NYC and the state. My wife (his daughter) remembers parties at their home, trips into ‘the city’, and summers at the beaches in New Jersey while he was stationed there. They left for his final post in San Francisco in 1967.

“My wife and I now have all his slides and negatives from those days, and over the years I’ve scanned many of them. Jack is a retired dentist, and lives in Tennessee with his 2nd wife Dee. Jan Lillywhite passed away in 2013.”

Take a look back at the streets and people of New York City in the sixties through 16 fantastic slides below:

Le Figaro Cafe, May 1966.

Street scene, 1966.

Street scene, 1966.

Metropole Cafe, 1966.

New Amsterdam Theater, June 1966.

Playground, 1966.

Chess players, 1966.

Guitars in the park, 1966.

Washington Arch, 1966.

Art walk, June 1966.

Street art dealer, 1966.

Batman, June 1966.

Greenwich Village Art Fair, November 1966.

United Nations, 1967.

This Is Macy's, June 1967.

Wall Street Journal building, 1967.

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