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September 3, 2021

Jim Morrison Playing Baseball With the Youngsters in the Street, Los Angeles, 1969

In June 1969, Jim Morrison met a girl named Lana Elliott at the Whisky a Go-Go in Los Angeles. One day, after Jim had wrecked his car and had no way home, Lana took him to her Hollywood bungalow above Sunset Blvd.

The next morning, Jim invited himself along to dinner with her family in Granada Hills. She was embarrassed and wanted to go alone, but he insisted on coming along. At this point in time, Jim was on the Ten O’Clock News almost every night for the pending Miami exposure charges. Lana’s parents knew nothing of their daughter’s friendship with the likes of this character and she was a little paranoid at the thought of having her family meet him.

These photos were taken as Lana’s family shared a pot of fondue; after the meal, as Jim played baseball with the siblings; and lastly posing so Lana’s mother could take a picture of her and her new handsome “friend”... and of course, the kids wanted a photo of themselves with Jim, too.


  1. "Remember that time when Aunt Lana brought Jim Morrison home for dinner?" - There's a family story - with pictures no less.

  2. At least we now know who L.A. Woman is !




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