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October 14, 2021

How Many?? 20 Vintage Album Covers Prove That Gospel Groups Unable to Count Their Members

There must be something we don’t know about the way these gospel groups count their members.

The term Gospel quartet refers to several different traditions of harmony singing. Its origins are varied, including 4-part hymn singing, shape note singing, barbershop quartets, jubilee songs, spirituals, and other Gospel songs.

Gospel quartets sing in four-part harmony, with parts given to a tenor, or highest part; lead, which usually takes the melody; baritone, which blends the sounds and adds richness; and the bass, or lowest part. It is not uncommon for some quartets to switch parts between members for given songs.


  1. and bonus points go to The Svaerder Brothers Quartet for that big hit single " The Great Snatch Is Coming". Nothing better than a great snatch coming.... and now the level has dropped to an all time low.

  2. I dont believe some of these. Some of the faces appear to have been altered. What is this site turning into?

    1. I agree. They seem purposely distorted.

    2. A fun place to look at pictures and not take it all too seriously?

    3. It *used to* be that. Whoever runs the place now has taken all the fun out of it though. Trolling your own site is cringey and lame, and trying too hard at something you are really not all that good at makes it even worse. I still check it out once or twice a week, but most the time it is stuff he has already posted or stuff I have seen on the other photo sites anyway.
      This is a new low though, and I may just write this site off for good now.

  3. Having been in a couple of Southern Gospel groups in the past and a fan for years, I can tell you it's a normal policy to have the non singing musicians pose with the actual singers on their record covers. This is the answer to your assertion that the Gospel groups can't count. The words "Quartet", "Trio", etc. obviously refers to the singing members.

    1. I don't think anyone actually believed that gospel singers can't count, that is a ridiculous assertion.
      Personally, I thought the explanation was quite obvious.
      What ISN'T obvious to me is why the author of this entry would choose to try to belittle something that they don't understand.
      That seems childishly mean-spirited to me, not humorous.




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