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August 4, 2021

Portraits of Parisian Women in the 1930s Taken by André Zucca

In Paris, there began a liberation movement out of the reach of the lawmakers and enforcers. Photographer André Zucca took some amazing portraits of Parisian women from the 1930s:

André Zucca was born in Paris in 1897. He started his career as a photographer in the 1920s, working for theatre magazine Comoedia. From 1935 to 1937, he contributed to various French and foreign magazines, producing a series of photo reports, first across the Balkan States and around the Mediterranean Sea, then aboard a merchant ship from Le Havre to Japan.

In the early days of World War II, he worked as a war correspondent on the Finnish front, and, back in France, chronicled the “phoney war” with Joseph Kessel for Paris-Soir newspaper. In August 1941, he became Paris correspondent for the German propaganda nazi magazine Signal, and thus obtained a work permit, as well black and white films and very rare Agfacolor film. In this context and during three years, he photographed the Parisian and French life during the Occupation, then the Liberation of Paris.

In October 1944, he was arrested then released due to the dropping of charges in 1945. André Zucca left Paris at that time to live near Dreux where he resumed his activity as a local photographer. He settled back in Paris in 1965, and died in Montmartre in 1973.


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