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August 7, 2021

20 Vintage Portraits of Beautiful Lucille Ball With Red Hair

Lucille Ball is one of the best-loved actresses of all time. Best known for her work on the sitcom I Love Lucy, the actor became a legendary comedian for her generation. She went from modeling to acting to proving her business acumen behind the camera as a producer. Amazingly, the talented Ball became the first woman to run a major television studio: Desilu Productions.

Ball first changed her look from brown to red for the project Du Barry Was a Lady. Her preferred color was called “golden apricot.” But even then, Ball hadn’t quite achieved the flaming red mane Lucy Ricardo became known for. The show’s former stylist revealed how they got the color so bright.

There were other redheaded actresses at the time but no one looked just like Ball. That’s because of the effort from I Love Lucy hairstylist Irma Kusely, who is credited with maintaining the color. She did it by swapping out regular hair dye for henna.

“A lot of people think of it as red — it’s not red at all,” Kusely said, according to Good Housekeeping. “[Ball] met a very wealthy sheikh and he had heard about her problem [getting the right coloring], he said he would send her a lifetime supply of henna, which he did! [We kept it] in my garage, locked away in a safe.”

That flaming hair became an integral look for Lucy on the series, matching her zany personality and unique outlook on life.

(via Showbiz Cheat Sheet)


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