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August 5, 2021

Vintage Snapshots of Life in Tehran, Iran in 1967

These photographs were taken in 1967 by Harrison Forman, an American photojournalist who has connections in the U.S. government department when he was in the country. These images of Tehran paint an incredibly different portrait of Iranian life.

“Until the revolution, Iran was among the most cultured, cosmopolitan countries in the region.” Notes the New York Times. “It had a progressive movement in art and literature and a sophisticated film and television industry.” For a period before the revolution in 1978, the old and the new seemed to be able to coexist in harmony.

Take a look at Iranian life in 1967 through these fascinating snapshots:

Street scene of Tehran

Street scene of Tehran

Street scene of Tehran

Fruit market, Tehran

Bus stop, Tehran

Brass workers, Tehran

Harvesting sugar beets in Isfahan

Harvesting sugar beets in Isfahan

Men hanging from oil press for leverage in Isfahan

Camel powered grain grinder in Isfahan

Rug display at Isfahan bazaar

Isfahan bazaar

(via University of Wisconsin)


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