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August 15, 2021

The Evinrude Flying Saucer Fishing Boat, 1957

The Flying Saucer fishing boat was designed by maritime company Evinrude and was said to be the work of Brooks Stevens. It was the first of its kind to be built and had seen trial runs, reportedly on Milwaukee River and had even graced the 1957 New York Boat Show, but was never commercially manufactured.

While the U.S. military had experimented on flying saucer flying contraption without any obvious practical success, this Evinrude outboard fishing boat, aptly named Flying Saucer outboard, was the opposite.

It was built at a cost of $14,000, a princely time at that time (which based on inflation, would be over a 100 grand), with the intention of encouraging boat builders to think outside box. The flying saucer-like watercraft was powered by two outboard motors of 18 horses each and could ferry an entourage of up to eight persons. It was without doubt, the most radical design of its time by today’s standard and should be worthy the namesake of “fishing saucer.”

Unfortunately, the law of physics do not quite allow anything too radical that will contradict good hydrodynamics. It was a nice discovery for us and we appreciate the fact that the 1957 Evinrude Flying Saucer Fishing Boat had tickled our dream of a The Jetsons-like future, once.

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