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August 19, 2021

Enjoy the Benefits of a Cordless Massager

If you’re looking for an innocent gift for the sis or girlfriend, here it is. Every girl loves a cordless massage gadget! They’ll love it because it relieves all that muscle stress and tension, and a thoughtful gift like this one is sure to relieve any of that social tension you might have.

There are 3 models of this cordless massager; the deluxe size is 10”, the regular size is 7” and the mini massager is 4.5”.

From the ad’s text:
“Deep gentle penetrating vibrations from battery-operated massager soothe neck, shoulder muscles, arms, legs and tired feet. Helps stimulate skin to a new radiance when used with your favorite creams and lotions. Revitalizing vibrations bring satisfying relaxation; relief from aches and pains and stimulates circulation. Cordless massager comes in 3 models. Uses standard size batteries (not included) available everywhere.”


  1. "Buy is for your sister" is not "hilarious", it is tacky. I agree with the previous comments (that have been censored). This is gross pandering.

    1. Definitely. There is no legitimate reason to post things like this. The sexist captioning makes it all the worse, and reflects a mentality that should not be supported. I will not be coming here anymore.

    2. Now let me get this correct. your upset because a site that is showing us how it used to be, as the name implies, because a product from the 70s has wording that you felt was "tasteless" and "sexist" is "pandering"? I suppose you must be basing your opinions by today's standards. Things were different back the children.what is offensive in today's society was just Meh! to them. get over your over-sensitive self. Try using that thing between your ears. I grew up in this era and I chuckle at some of the things I remember from my youth. Did you know that back in the day cartoons used curse words, not out loud, but if you read their lips There it was. we're dumbing down so hard.

    3. Wow, these two are something! I think they have no clue what site they’re on, or generally have no clue. What a shame (((

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