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August 24, 2021

30 Cool Portraits of Brides From the 1920s

Bridal gowns have always been chosen with great care, embodying the wearer’s taste as well as social status. Wedding dresses usually define specific historical eras in their aesthetic, traditional, and even political aspects.

What unites them is brides, along with their families, have always wanted to look their best on the special day. Regardless of age, religion, and culture, the women want to complete their wedding with razzle-dazzle apparel, and that wish can never fade.

With the Jazz Age entered a new bridal aesthetic: Waist lines and necklines dropped, and a more streamlined silhouette took hold. Gowns featured ornate beading and embroidery, while bouquets were larger than life. Brides favored Juliet headdresses or cloche hats for their veils.

The dresses of the 1920s were typically short with a hem that was in different length in front than behind, usually accompanied by a wedding veil or hat in the cloche-style. Most of the dresses were white, though hues of eggshell, ecru, and ivory white were seen.

Take a look at these cool pics to see what brides looked like in the 1920s.




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