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July 25, 2021

24 Stunning Portraits of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in the 1970s

Lynda Carter (born July 24, 1951) is an American actress, singer, model, and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World USA 1972 and finished in the Top 15 at the Miss World 1972 pageant. She is best known as the star of the American live-action television series Wonder Woman, in the role of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman. The role was based on the DC comic book fictional superheroine character of the same name, and aired on ABC and later on CBS from 1975 to 1979.

Carter’s acting career took off when she landed the starring role on Wonder Woman as the title character and her secret identity, Diana Prince. The savings she had set aside from her days of touring on the road with her band to pursue acting in Los Angeles were almost exhausted, and she was close to returning to Arizona when Carter’s manager informed her that Joanna Cassidy had lost the role and Carter had the part of Wonder Woman. Carter’s earnest performance greatly endeared her to both fans and critics and as a result, she continues to be closely identified with Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman series lasted for three seasons, which aired on ABC and later on CBS from 1975 to 1979. Carter’s performance, rooted in the character’s inherent goodness combined with a comic-accurate costume and a catchy theme song made for a depiction that was nothing less than iconic. After the show ended, Carter told Us that “I never meant to be a sexual object for anyone but my husband. I never thought a picture of my body would be tacked up in men’s bathrooms. I hate men looking at me and thinking what they think. And I know what they think. They write and tell me.”


  1. Desperately posting tits again? Does that still work?

  2. Well, unless you're gay.....yes, it still works.




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