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July 24, 2021

35 Fabulous Portrait Photos of Anna May Wong During the Filming of ‘Daughter of the Dragon’ (1931)

Daughter of the Dragon is a 1931 American pre-Code crime mystery film directed by Lloyd Corrigan, released by Paramount Pictures, and starring Anna May Wong as Princess Ling Moy, Sessue Hayakawa as Ah Kee, and Warner Oland as Dr. Fu Manchu (for his third and final feature appearance in the role, excluding a gag cameo in Paramount on Parade).

The film was made to capitalize on Sax Rohmer’s then current book, The Daughter of Fu Manchu, which Paramount did not own the rights to adapt. Despite being the starring lead and having top billing in this film, Wong was actually paid only $6,000, half the money for her role that Oland was paid for his ($12,000), even though Oland had less screen time than Wong. A decision that O, The Oprah Magazine in an article about Wong published in 2020 linked to racism.

These fabulous photos captured portrait of Anna May Wong during the filming Daughter of the Dragon in 1931.


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