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July 5, 2021

Early Portraits of Caroline Aherne as Sister Mary Immaculate, Manchester, 1991

Caroline Mary Aherne (December 24, 1963 – July 2, 2016) was an English comedian, writer and actress, best known for performing as the acerbic chat show host Mrs Merton, in various roles in The Fast Show, and as Denise in The Royle Family, a series which she co-wrote.

Aherne began performing on the Manchester comedy circuit as characters such as Mitzi Goldberg, lead singer of the comedy country and western act the Mitzi Goldberg Experience, and Sister Mary Immaculate, an Irish nun. Here, two early portraits of Caroline Aherne as Sister Mary Immaculate taken in 1991 by Richard Davis, a British social documentary and portrait photographer from Birmingham, UK.

(Photos by © Richard Davis / British Culture Archive)


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