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July 1, 2021

Two Ould Friends

Group of six creative cabinet cards that were most likely used to advertise the photography studio of Orgill, (John), Hartford, Connecticut. This marvelous series has an Irish theme as we see two buddies leaning on each other with a sign above that reads, Two Ould Friends.

Next we see them joking around in hilarious drinking scenes, such as the one where it looks like the spigot of a keg is sticking out of the man on the right’s white vest. In the next one, we see one of the buddies lecturing the other with a “Donnybrook” sign now attached to the tree. This is followed by the one man blowing air at his friend with a fireplace blower. The final scene takes a more serious turn as the one man has resulted to a large rock while the other hides behind the tree.

This is an unusual grouping as these set themes are rarely seen together; often they are sold separately.


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