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June 11, 2021

Photos of Madonna Taken by Her Boyfriend Dan Gilroy in New York in 1979

Dan Gilroy met Madonna, then an aspiring dancer, at a party in 1979. They became romantically involved and she moved into the synagogue where Gilroy lived with his brother Ed Gilroy in Corona, Queens. It also served as a studio for the brothers, who at times worked as musicians or comics under the name Bil and Gil.

While Gilroy and his brother were waiting tables during the day and performing their comedy routines at night, Madonna was at the synagogue practicing drums. She also began writing songs, Gilroy taught her how to play guitar and they formed the band Breakfast Club.

Madonna convinced Gilroy to let her perform her own songs, which he reluctantly agreed. She promoted the band and they performed local gigs. In 1980, Madonna left Breakfast Club to form the band Emmy and the Emmys.

These photo taken on the bus by Dan Gilroy, whom she was dating and visiting at the time, in New York in 1979.

(Photo © Dan Gilroy)


  1. She looks pretty normal here. Whatever he did to her, she never recovered from it.

    1. There is no evidence he negatively influenced her! He seemed to a great boyfriend. Massive fame changed her, that's for certain. As well as passing of her friends due to drugs or AIDs.




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