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June 12, 2021

Vivid Vintage Color Photos of London in 1979

Back in 1979, Swedish photographer George Kindbom, then a 27-year-old man who was eager to travel the world, visited London. During his holiday he captured a city on the cusp of a new decade. Through his images, a generation of eccentric characters from a bygone era vividly appeared.

“It’s a different culture from what we have in Sweden,” Kindbom told the Standard. “I am from a small town called Huskvarna and everyone looks the same and they all know each other. The people in London were less friendly but it was such a shock to see how everyone was so different and unique. But it was amazing. I really wish I could go back someday.”

More of Kindbom’s amazing photographs could be viewed at and his Flickr site.


  1. The cusp of a new decade? Um, no. The new decade, as is the case with new centuries and new millenia, begins with years ending in 1, not zero. There was no "Year 0".

  2. Vintag is not known for being big on accuracy. It is a bit of a surprise that all these pics are even in Britain, let alone London.




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