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June 9, 2021

Rarely Seen Photos of Johnny Depp During His High School

Johnny Depp is the definition of superstar status in Hollywood. Since the late-’80s, he’s maintained a consistently iconic place in pop culture starring in hit after hit movie. Throughout three decades where Hollywood royalty seems to rise and fade faster than ever before, he’s maintained a consistent position as one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood. Depp’s path to success was anything but traditional, however.

Born as John Christopher Depp II in Kentucky in 1963, he was the youngest of four children. His parents made a modest income, and his father’s job as a civil engineer forced them to move frequently in Depp’s early life. The family finally settled in Miramar, Florida in 1970 when Depp was 7. After receiving a guitar from his mother for his 12th birthday, he quickly became very passionate about music.

Depp was gifted a guitar by his mother when he was 12 years old, and began playing in various bands. He dropped out of Miramar High School aged 16 in 1979 to become a rock musician. He attempted to go back to school two weeks later, but the principal told him to follow his dream of being a musician.

In 1980, Depp began playing guitar in a band called The Kids. After modest local success in Florida, the band moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of a record deal, changing their name to Six Gun Method. The Kids split up before signing a record deal in 1984, and Depp subsequently began collaborating with the band Rock City Angels. He co-wrote their song “Mary,” which appeared on their debut Geffen Records album Young Man’s Blues.


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