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June 19, 2021

A Look at Girls’ College Dorm Rooms in the Seventies

From Aretha, Peanuts, Playboy, Woodstock, Paul Newman and Burt Reynolds posters to floral bed linens, these pictures, collected from dated yearbooks and found photographs, offer a look inside girls’ university dorm rooms and female student apartments around the seventies.

As time capsules, these images are undoubtedly some very interesting gems, they also are a treasure trove of pop culture memories, as you can clearly see from the amount of Peanuts posters in the rooms. Take a look:


  1. Note the one with the rotary dial wall phone.

  2. It is amazing how easily the American university system got people to buy into the whole dorm scam. Like the abandonment of classic curricula and the relaxing of academic standards, it was designed to maximize throughput, and therefore profit. An Oxgord study in 2017 showed that approximately 60% of American college graduates were able to do basic high school level algebra, and fully 20% were functionally illiterate. Not to mention that 89% carried student loan debt in excess of $50k.




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