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June 16, 2021

Cher in “I’d Rather Believe In You” (1976) by Norman Seeff

Before she released her 1976 album I’d Rather Believe in You, Cher and her friend Paulette walked into Norman Seeff’s studio unannounced. “They said, ‘We’re kind of interested in doing some work, and we wanted to just come and see your space,’” Seeff recalled. “So I said, ‘Well, that’s cool.’ So we went to the back room, and we started talking, and I shot some very off-the-cuff kind of stuff.”

Norman Seeff shot 6 or 7 rolls of film very informally. Every image is pure Cher magic! Cher has since used the images from this session for her album cover I’d Rather Believe In You and merchandise, including her 2017 Vegas show.

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