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May 8, 2021

Interior of the ’50s American Houses Through Amazing Kodachrome Slides

The 1950s was a decade that brought massive changes into the homes of Americans. The post-World War II era was a prosperous time for most middle-class families. They experienced an evolution in everyday life, replacing their apartments and their lifestyles in the city for a cozy home in the suburbs.

Dynamic and vibrant designs started to appear, influenced by science, space exploration, and innovations in technology. The colors, furnishings, and designs were modern and futuristic combined with the classic All-American appeal.

The architectural characteristics of homes also changed in the 1950s. Houses were smaller than in the pre-War period. Open-plan living was introduced, and the fitted kitchen was part of every household, making the housewife’s work a lot easier.

Popular color trends for the interior design of contemporary-style homes of the 1950s were pastels, modern and Scandinavian color schemes.

These amazing Kodachrome slides from Flickr members show what the interior of American houses looked like in the 1950s.

1 comment:

  1. There are a couple of flipped (printed backward) slides there.
    The one with the mother and son at the kitchen sink. The kitchen sprayer is on the left and the radio has it's dial on the left, so that one we can say is printed backwards.
    The blonde woman sitting next to the TV.
    I am not aware of a single mass-production TV that had the controls on the left being sold in the US at that time.




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