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May 5, 2021

30 Cool Photos Show Fashion Styles of the ’50s Young Ladies

Fashion in the 1950s was exciting and diverse. There were new colors, fresh silhouettes, and different style options for different personalities. Today, the iconic decade is still heavily referenced in the fashion world. It is especially beloved for its chic retro style and playful looks, including those of the pin-up and rockabilly subcultures.

Key designs for the decade included dresses with cinched waists, pencil skirts, poodle skirts, gingham and polka dot garments, cropped sweaters and cardigans, and much more. The key shape for the decade was a feminine, exaggerated hourglass silhouette.

Additionally, as this decade saw the birth of the teenage culture, a distinction between youth fashion and more mature styles also developed.

Take a look at these cool photos to see what fashion styles of young ladies looked like in the 1950s.

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  1. one of the pictures was taken on the Anspach Boulevard in Brussels.




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