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April 29, 2021

In 1967, Chevy Made a Batmobile Corvette for the TV Show ‘Batman’; They Didn’t Go With This Design, Thankfully!

The Batmobile that ended up in the late 1960s Batman TV series was a highly customized 1955 Lincoln Futura. But there was also a chance it could have been a Chevy Corvette. According to Randy Leffingwell’s 2012 book Corvette Sixty Years, before the show went into production, the show’s creators apparently approached General Motors’ designers to create their take on the Dynamic Duo’s ride. The result was this rather silly looking 1967 Corvette:

The above photo is an excerpt from Leffingwell’s book Corvette Sixty Years; that’s famed GM designer Chuck Jordan sitting on the hood of the Batvette. The car’s most prominent features were its wacky circular rear spoiler, giant stick-on Bat logos, hood-mounted machine guns, and a big 427 engine protruding through its hood.

“I’ve met Chuck Jordan several times over my career writing Corvette histories,” Leffingwell writes in his book. “This photo seems so implausible: dapper, disciplined Chuck sitting on a cartoon. Series creator Bob Kane and executive producer William Dozier asked GM Design’s help in creating a suitable escape car for their lead character, Batman. The TV show ran from 1966 through 1968 and starred Adam West.”


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