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April 13, 2021

Coolidge Midget Marching Club, 1924

The first organized touring Coolidge Marching Club to work for the nomination of the president comes to Washington Sunday morning on January 23, 1924. It is composed of 25 European midgets, men and women artists, headed by I. S. Rose, New Englander and impresario.

The midgets wear buttons and ribbons on which is inscribed “Coolidge 1925.” Upon its arrival at the Washington Union station on the morning, the club will execute a few simple evolutions before taking motors for its quarters in the northeast section.

The Rose midgets will wear their Coolidge emblems throughout their tour of thirty weeks. Henri Glauer, age 32, height 31 inches, explains it thusly: “If the President is good, he should serve for life. I shall tell him to insist upon it.”

Midgets have always been popular entertainers. P. T. Barnum indirectly helped popularize the term “midget” when he began featuring General Tom Thumb, Lavinia Warren and Commodore Nutt in his circus. “Midget” became linked to referencing short people put on public display for curiosity and sport.


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