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April 20, 2021

Wonderful Kodachrome Photos Capture a Young Lady at Home During the 1950s

The 1950s was a decade that brought massive changes into the homes of Americans. The post-World War II era was a prosperous time for most middle-class families. They experienced an evolution in everyday life, replacing their apartments and their lifestyles in the city for a cozy home in the suburbs.

Nance at her home during the 1950s

Dynamic and vibrant designs started to appear, influenced by science, space exploration, and innovations in technology. The architectural characteristics of homes also changed in the 1950s. Houses were smaller than in the pre-War period.

Open-plan living was introduced, and the fitted kitchen was part of every household, making the housewife’s work a lot easier.

The colors used in the 1950s were mostly pastels. These included soft pink, mint green, butter yellow, baby blue, and turquoise (similar to the popular current turquoise). Red and other bright colors were eventually added for dramatic decors.

These wonderful Kodachrome photos were found by Christian Montone that captured an American young lady named Nance at her home during the 1950s.

Nance in the bedroom, 1952

Nance in the kitchen, 1952

Nance at back door, 1952

Nance by the Christmas tree, 1952

Nance in shortie, 1952

Nance in shortie, 1952

Nance on the bed wearing shortie, 1952

Nance with a golf club, 1952

    Nance with Christmas presents, 1952

Nance with vacuum cleaner, 1952

Nance and fireplace, 1954

Nance and fireplace, 1954

Nance by the Christmas tree, 1954

Nance in a chair, 1954

Nance in the kitchen, 1954

Nance in the pantry, 1954

Nance on Christmas Day, 1954

Nance by the fireplace, 1955

Nance on back porch slide, 1955

Nance and divider, 1956

Nance in tweed, 1956

Nance in maternity wear, 1958

Nance in maternity wear, 1958


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