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April 18, 2021

25 Amazing Photos of U.S. Post Office Buildings From the Early 1900s

The architecture of the United States demonstrates a broad variety of architectural styles and built forms over the country’s history of over two centuries of independence and former Spanish and British rule.

Post office buildings of the United States in the early 1900s

Architecture in the United States has been shaped by many internal and external factors and regional distinctions. As a whole it represents a rich eclectic and innovative tradition.

As these pictures of post office buildings from Click Americana show, a lot of architecture from around 1900 was built on a grand scale. Take a look back to the United States Postal Service’s glory days at the turn of the 20th century when the post office buildings were stunning, stately and stylish, and a pride of every city’s downtown.

Post office, Boston, Massachusetts, 1900

The New Post Office, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1901

Baltimore, Maryland post office, 1903

St Paul, Minnesota old post office, 1905

Buffalo, New York post office, circa 1900-06

Chicago post office, Illinois, 1906

Minneapolis Post Office, Minnesota, 1908

Chestnut Street and post office, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, circa 1900s

City Hall Station Post Office, New York, circa 1900s

Custom House and Post Office, Memphis, Tennessee, circa 1900s

Post Office and Custom House, Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1900s

Post office building with clocktower in Birmingham, Alabama, circa 1900s

Post office, Albany, New York, circa 1900s

Post office, Augusta, Georgia, circa 1900s

Post office, Cleveland, Ohio, circa 1900s

Post office, Detroit, Michigan, circa 1900s

Post office, Louisville, Kentucky, circa 1900s

Post office, Montgomery, Alabama, circa 1900s

Post Office, New York City, circa 1900s

Post office, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, circa 1900s

Post office, Port Huron, Michigan, circa 1900s

Post office, Saginaw, Michigan, circa 1900s

Post office, Scranton, Pennsylvania, circa 1900s

Post office, Toledo, Ohio, circa 1900s

Post office, Troy, New York, circa 1900s

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