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March 17, 2021

Vintage Photographs of St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Baltimore in the 1970s

The photos are in black and white, but be sure that everyone was in green. Here’s a selection of 12 vintage photographs from The Baltimore Sun’s archives that show what St. Patrick’s Day celebrations looked like in Baltimore in the 1970s.

Susie Cook pours a stiff dram of usquebaugh in Sweeney’s bar amid a crowd of St. Patrick’s Day revelers smiling with happy Irish eyes. March 18, 1970. (The Baltimore Sun)

…and comely lasses dance a jig in front of the Pratt. March 1973. (The Baltimore Sun)

March, 1976. (Pearson, The Baltimore Sun).

Don’t spill it: it’s precious. Forty out of breath sprinters tried to go 100 yards without spilling their beer from tray borne cups during the 8th annual Great Annapolis Beer Race, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The winner was David A. Woyeke, 29, an Annapolis hi-fi salesman, who said after his victory, “This is the first and last one.” March, 1976. (The Baltimore Sun)

One of the 43 units that took part in yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in a chilly breeze steps out briskly at Baltimore and Calvert streets. March 1976. (Pearson, The Baltimore Sun).

That irrepressible Irishman, Hyman A. Pressman, who also works as the city comptroller, out bluffed the rain to lead his own small but enthusiastic St. Patrick’s Day parade down the traditional Cathedral street route. Forecast rain caused official cancellation–the second time in 22 years. While the dauntless few stepped out, non-marchers retreated indoors to mourn their lost day with lots of whatever! March 1977. (Pearson, The Baltimore Sun)

It was a no-show Irish parade for this hat vendor at Baltimore and Calvert Streets. March, 1977. (The Baltimore Sun)

Erin go slosh! With green suds flying, Noel Bautro toasts the advent of St. Patrick’s Day among fellow Irish-at-least-for-a-week at the Gandy Dancer in the 1300 block McHenry Street. March 1979 (Swagger, The Baltimore Sun)

Snuggled together at their curbside seats, parade celebrants Mary Kathleen Collins, 2, and her sister Noreen, 9, wave Irish flags. March 1979. (Carter, The Baltimore Sun)

Debbie Cook with a shamrock on her cheek at Hopkins Plaza. 1979. (Walter M. McCardell, The Baltimore Sun)

Step lively, me lads! Members of this Irish marching unit dip their flags in salute as they pass the reviewing stand on Cathedral street in yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. March 1979. (Hotz, The Baltimore Sun)

Bernie Keenan (with beard) defeats Casey Cole in Hopkins Plaza on the way to victory in St. Patrick’s Day Beer Mug Race. March, 1979. (McCardell, The Baltimore Sun)


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