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March 5, 2021

Isle of Man Buses in the Early 1970s Through Fascinating Photos

The Isle of Man is a self-governing British Crown dependency situated in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland. The head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, holds the title of Lord of Mann and is represented by a lieutenant governor. The United Kingdom is responsible for the isle’s military defense.

In 1881 the Isle of Man parliament, Tynwald, became the first national legislative body in the world to give women the right to vote in a general election, although this excluded married women. In 2016, UNESCO awarded the Isle of Man biosphere reserve status.

The Isle of Man is known for the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) motorcycle races and for the Manx cat, a breed of cat with short or no tails. The inhabitants (Manx) are considered a Celtic nation.

These fascinating photos were taken by David Christie that show the buses of Isle of Man from 1970 to 1972.

1948 built Regent No.61 is on Douglas South Quay en route for Douglas Head. The 'Sea Terminal' is seen to the buses rear, 5 August 1970

1947 Regent No.57 climbs Prospect Hill, Douglas, 5 August 1970

A busy scene at Douglas Bus Station with three Corpn. Regents and a Road Services Leyland, 5 August 1970

Douglas Clock Tower with Regent No.71, Road Sers. PD2 No.11 & Horse Tram, 5 August 1970

Horse Tram & Corpn. Regent No.56 at the Clock Tower, 5 August 1970

1952 built Leyland Royal Tiger/Leyland No.88 near Villa Marina on a lovely evening, 1 July 1971

Douglas Corpn. Regent No.66 (rounded route boxes) waits to pull ot into Loch Prom, 28 June 1971

Douglas CT Regent No.64 at Railway Station, 29 June 1971

Douglas CT Regent No.65 near Villa Marina, 1 July 1971

Douglas CT Regent No.70 by the Inner Harbour, 28 June 1971

Douglas Inner Harbour with Regent No. 70, 28 June 1971

Douglas IOM Regent No.64 with Horse Tram Loch Prom, 27 June 1971

Douglas Regent No.65 at Derby Castle, 1 July 1971

Douglas Regent No.70 (rear) at Douglas Head, 28 June 1971

Douglas Sea Terminal with Regent No.65 & Saloon Horse Tram No.1, 28 June 1971

IOM Road Sers Falcon No.29 at Maughold, 1 July 1971

IOM Road Sers Olympic No.48 at Laxey, 2 July 1971

IOM Road Sers, Olympic No.53 on Bradda Head road, Port Erin, 29 June 1971

IOM Road Sers. PD2 No.74 near St.Johms, 30 June 1971

IOM Road Sers. PD2/20 No.95 at St.Johns, 30 June 1971

No.71 start to climb Prospect Hill, Douglas past a white-coated & helmeted policeman on a dull morning, 30 June 1971

Parkinson Contrs. Ex Douglas Comet KMN519 in Douglas, 2 July 1971

Regal IV No.31 in Douglas, 27 June  1971

Reliance No.32 on the Prom at Douglas, 1 July 1971

Road Sers No.85, a 1950 built Leyland PD2 passes the Clock Tower on the prom at Douglas with Corpn Regent No.71 just appearing, 2 July 1971

The Falcon crosses the MER line at Bellevue, near Ramsey, 1 July 1971

With the bay and Sea Terminal beyond, Douglas Corpn. Regent No.61 (1948) climbs the hill to Douglas Head, 28 June 1971

Douglas Corpn. Regent No.59 at Derby Castle, 29 June 1972

Douglas Corpn. Regent No.62 at Sea Terminal, 27 June 1972

Ex Douglas Leyland Comet KMN518, 27 June 1972

Highlander Coaches, IOM Bedford OB MMN215 at Douglas, 29 June 1972

IOM Rd.Sers. Thorneycroft No.13 at Ballaugh, 29 June 1972    


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