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February 11, 2021

The Haunted Wedding Dress of Anna Baker

In 1836, a mansion in Altoona, Pennsylvania was purchased by Elias Baker and his small family moved in. The eldest daughter was Anna, and Elias thought that he knew what was best for his daughter; so when she fell in love with a poor steel worker he forbade his daughter from being with the worker.

Going behind her father’s back, Anna and the young man planned a wedding in secret going as far as purchasing a wedding dress. Unfortunately for the young couple her father found out and had her fiancĂ©e move to a different city by buying the steel mill he worked for and forcing the move. Even though her father offered other men to be her husband Anna turned down every single one, instead she locked herself in her room.

Hanging inside of the closet was the wedding dress she would never wear and eventually she died as an old maid in that very room in 1914. The despair and anger at her father for separating the couple manifested in the dress.

After her death, the members of the Baker family reported spotting Anna's wedding dress at different places around the house. Some of them even saw the spirit of Anna Baker moving around the house dressed in the same wedding dress.


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