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February 14, 2021

Elvis Presley Holding Muziek Expres Magazine and Showcasing the Beatles Pages, California, 1964

Elvis Presley holding this magazine and showcasing the Beatles pages on February 14 1964 in Long Beach, California.

2-page Beatles article:

Elvis respected the Beatles musically and liked them. He understood and eagerly appreciated, the growing sophistication of pop music, and sought, in his later recording years – in the late 1960s and early ’70s, to make quality music that was a million miles away from the simple rock ’n’ roil he started with. And with his seminal later tracks like “In the Ghetto”, he succeeded.

His respect for the Beatles music was evident in him covering their songs, including “Hey Jude”, “Yesterday”, “Something” and “Get Back”.

In one crucial way they were linked. Elvis knew exactly what they were going through with their incredible fame. But as George was to later say, Elvis was alone with that, at least the Beatles had each other and that George reckoned, must have made a big difference. George couldn’t see how one man could cope with the levels of fame induced pressure Elvis and then the Beatles, had experienced.

The Beatles never stopped wanting Elvis to be just like he was in the 1950s. But great artists develop and move on, The Beatles did. They would resent anyone saying to them in 1967 “if only you still made songs like I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. Elvis was right to move on and after 10 years of absence via the army and then allowing himself to be sucked into a Hollywood candy machine, the fact that he emerged to not only record more great music but to create another new, original and iconic version of himself revealed again the sheer stature of Elvis as an artist.


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