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February 17, 2021

40 Elegant Photos of Edwardian Ladies Wearing Big Hats

The Edwardian fashion era is often remembered by large over-sized hats stacked with plumes of feathers, bows, flowers, birds, lace, and tulle. The “bird nests,” as Coco Chanel called them, were held on with large hat pins stuck through piles of hair on the crown. They were called Gainsborough or Picture hats for how they framed a lady’s face.

If a hat wasn’t just excessively wide, it was obnoxiously tall and wide! Think of them as huge pot or bell shaped hats that sat perched on the large pompadour hairstyle and covered the forehead almost down to the eyes.

In the summer, these hats featured huge dried flowers or lace sewn flowers and sometimes real leaves and twigs! No doubt the “Garden” hat was a fitting name.

Here below is a set of elegant photos that shows Edwardian ladies wearing big hats.


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