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February 4, 2021

Wonderful Scenes of Chenango County, New York in the 1960s Through Amazing Photos

Chenango County is a county located in the south-central section U.S. state of New York. Its county seat is Norwich. The county’s name originates from an Oneida word meaning ‘large bull-thistle’.

Wonderful scenes of Chenango County, New York in the 1960s

The county has a total area of 899 square miles (2,330 km2), of which 894 square miles (2,320 km2) is land and 5.1 square miles (13 km2) (0.6%) is water.

Chenango County is in the approximate center of the state, located west of Albany, north of Binghamton, and southeast of Syracuse. The county is considered to be in the Southern Tier region of New York State.

The Chenango River, a tributary of the Susquehanna River, flows southward through the county.

These amazing color photos from Sherwood Harrington were taken by his father Lynn Harrington (1915-1999) that show wonderful scenes of this county in the 1960s.

Looking across the Thompson Creek valley from our driveway, October 1960

Lower Ravine Road, March 1960

Mom, dad, and I made frequent use of our little war-surplus inflatable rubber rafts during the summers, July 3, 1960

The Lyon Brook Trestle (Lyon Brook Bridge) of the New York, Ontario & Western railroad between Norwich and Oxford, New York, March 1960

A summer evening. I'm the kid in the red shirt. I'm riding home from town, which is about four miles down the road behind us. Home is just two driveways up ahead, 1961

Dirt road near the Dyer cemetery, June 1961

Great Brook Valley, 1961

Near Steer Pond in Chenango County, New York, spring 1961

Ray L Thompson barn at Kings Settlement Road, Chenango County, New York, 1961

The Great Brook Valley near South New Berlin, New York, in June of 1961

The house I grew up in, 1961

Upstate New York barn, Kings Settlement Road, Chenango County, 1961

A line of trees between an abandoned road and an abandoned homestead in the Chenango County high country, 1962

At the end of the day, we had a bonfire of trimmings from around the yard. Mom watches the flames, February 1962

Dad and me in the summer of 1962

Frozen gorge. The stream runs past "Streamhouse," the home in White Store in the Unadilla Valley that my Dad's sisters Mary and Myrt lived in all through my childhood, February 1962

Looking northward from Whaupaunaucau across the Chenango Valley. Steam Sawmill Hill is at left, circa 1962

Looking WNW at the center of town from low altitude. This is the town where I grew up; I was a sophomore in high school when this photo was taken, October 1962

Meadow near Oxford, January 1962

My mother and I inspect an abandoned house in the Chenango County high country, June 1962

On a ridge on the west side of the Chenango Valley near North Norwich, March 1962

Pausing in the frozen glen, February 1962

Summer valley fog along the Unadilla Valley on the county's eastern border, 1962

Winter on the hilltop, January 1962

Winter pastureland, January 1962

Chenango County Courthouse, Norwich, New York, 1963

East Main Street, Norwich, New York, 1963

Looking down into the town of North Norwich from a vantage point on the western side of the valley. The hill on the left is called "Steam Sawmill Hill", October 1963

Mom and me at McCall Pond, Chenango County, New York, June 1963

Norwich, New York, on the north side of the town square, 1963

Snow removal at home, 1963

Waterfall south of the Norwich, NY, reservoir, 1963

Young maple in autumn sunset on a ridgetop near Thompson Creek, Chenango County, New York, October 1963

Pleasant Valley fall foliage, 1964

Pleasant Valley Road, June 1964

Thompson Creek Valley, October 1964

View from the east. The building in the foreground is the then-new high school, which would go into operation that fall, Norwich, New York, April 1964

After the leaves, before the snow. View southward from east of Norwich, Chenango Valley, late 1965

Looking east over the Chenango Valley from Tinker Ridge, June 1965

Looking toward Oxford from the old O&W trackbed on the East side of the Chenango Valley, June 1965

Mom at the West HIll quarry, looking down on Norwich, September 1965

Mom on a hill above the Unadilla Valley, near White Store, on October 17, 1965

Rambler Marlin, Summer of 1965

Chenango Valley from Sugarloaf Hill, January 8, 1966

Gate on Tanner Hill, Chenango County, New York, early 1966

Hills on the east side of the Chenango Valley between North Norwich and Sherburne, January 8, 1966

Hoar frost on Tanner Hill, 1966

Last stages of the destruction of the old Chapman & Turner department store building at the heart of Norwich, the SW corner of Broad and Main streets, January 1966

More hoar frost on Tanner Hill, 1966

Near White Store, NY, 1967

(Photo © Lynn Harrington)




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