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February 28, 2021

Rare Behind the Scenes Photos of Brian Jones Getting Ready for ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ TV Show, 1964

Thank Your Lucky Stars was a British television pop music show made by ABC Television, and broadcast on ITV from 1961 to 1966. Of all the show’s presenters, Brian Matthew is perhaps the best remembered. Many of the top bands performed on it, and for millions of British teenagers it was essential viewing. As well as featuring British artists, it often included American guest stars.

It would appear from the surviving footage that the bands mimed their latest 45. Occasionally a band was allowed to do two numbers (possibly the A-side and B-side sides of the latest single or an EP or LP track); bands of a higher status such as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones would sometimes play up to as many as four numbers. The show ended on June 25, 1966 after two thousand artists appearances.

These candid photographs were taken by Terry O’Neill, they show a young Brian Jones getting ready at ABC Television’s Teddington Studios, Middlesex for Thank Your Lucky Stars TV show in 1964.

(Photos by Terry O’Neill)

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  1. Brian Jones drinking Milk! What a rare shot, i'm sure.




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