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March 21, 2021

Let Me Hop Up on the Table So You Can Sign My Cast, George!

George Harrison autographing the plaster cast on the leg of a young Austrian girl, during a hotel press conference following the arrival of the Beatles in Salzburg, Austria in March 1965.

Two days after arriving back in the UK from the Bahamas, the Beatles boarded the 11 am flight from London Airport to Salzburg, Austria to continue filming Help!

Four thousand fans witnessed their arrival in Salzburg Airport, as did dozens of journalists and film crews. The group held a press conference at the Oesterreicher Hof Hotel before checking into the Hotel Edelweiss in the village of Obertauern.

Crowds gathered on all four sides of the hotel while the famed quartet held a conference with more 100 representatives of the international press. West German television, representing 22 million viewers covered the arrival and the conference.

Hundreds of Salzburg police were assigned to control the crowds at the airport and the hotel. In some instances the Beatles answered the questions in German which they picked up during their engagement in Hamburg before world fame swept them off.

Following the conference the Beatles took the snow-covered roads to Obertauern, one of the highest peaks in the Austrian Alps, where key scenes were filmed. During the two and one half hours drive, the lads passed through numerous small towns and were greeted by hordes of screaming and waving fans, who had been waiting in the village streets for hours.

The Beatles filmed all their Austrian scenes in Obertauern, where they stayed until March 22, 1965.


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