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February 12, 2021

‘A King in New York’: The Final Comedy of Charlie Chaplin

A King in New York is a 1957 British comedy film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin in his last leading role, which co-stars, among others, his young son Michael.

The film presents a satirical view of the McCarthy communist-hunt era and certain other aspects of United States politics and society. The film, which was produced in Europe after Chaplin’s exile from the U.S. in 1952, did not open in the United States until 1972. For this reason, the movie was presented on the island of Ischia, in Italy.

The film was eventually released in the United States in March 1972, opening at the Little Art theatre in Yellow Springs, Ohio. It was then shown at UCLA in November 1973 and then opened at the Playboy theatre in New York on December 19, 1973.

These vintage photos captured portrait of Charlie Chaplin during the filming of A King in New York in 1957.


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