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January 17, 2021

Wonderful Life Around the World in the 1950s and ’60s Through Fascinating Kodachrome Photos

Martha Nickerson (1925-2011) was a world traveller, teacher, and librarian who photographed the world around her with a curiosity and sense of wonder which made itself beautifully visible in her choice of subjects.

The world in the 1950s and 1960s Through Martha Nickerson’s lens

From the 1950s through the 1980s, Martha travelled throughout the United States and overseas photographing almost exclusively with Kodachrome film. Her choice of film, along with her meticulous cataloging of her finished slides, created a collection of images as rich in color and filled with story-telling today as it was the day each image was taken.

The collection was found and is being maintained and curated by artist Kalliope Amorphous. This is a chronicle of the artists efforts to restore and share the collection as an archive of both history and photography.

Faneuil Hall from Custom House, Boston, Massachusetts, 1954

Riverside Park, New York, 1954

Sunset on the Hudson River from Riverside Park, New York, 1954

The Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge, New York, 1954

Rockefeller Center, New York City, 1955

Saks Fifth Avenue, NYC, 1955

117th Street, New York City, 1956

Bridge from France to San Sebastián, 1956

Gypsy along the road, France, 1956

Martha at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, 1956

San Sebastien, Spain, 1956

Vegetable market, Paris, France, 1956

Horse and carriage in Carmona, Spain, 1957

Snake charmer in Tangier, Morocco, 1957

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1958

Bobby in Petticoat Lane, London, 1958

Chalk Cliffs of Dover, England, 1958

Children playing in schoolyard, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1958

Churchyard burial ground in England, 1958

Couple walking in London fog, England, 1958

Feeding the seagulls, Fjord, Norway, 1958

Hyde Park speaker, London, 1958

Sunday in Petticoat Lane, London, 1958

The Blue Grotto, Capri, Italy, 1958

Old time ferry, Southampton, England, 1959

Rug washing outside Tehran, Iran, 1959

Baby camel, Morocco, 1960

Beach in Casablanca, Morocco, 1960

Camels, Morocco, 1960

Dancers in Spain, 1960

Morocco, 1960

Shepard in Morocco, 1960

Woman carrying sticks on the road to Tizi N Test, Morocco, 1960

Marrakech, Morocco, 1961

Snake charmer on the roof, Marrakesh, Morocco 1961

Spilled crates of oranges, Marrakesh , Morocco, 1961

Tin pan seller, Morocco, 1961

Woman carrying sticks in Marrakesh, Morocco, 1961

Paris, France, 1962

Two Danish girls, Denmark, 1962

Ankara, Turkey, 1963

Athens, Greece, 1963

Girl with sheep, Ankara, Turkey, 1963

Olive trees in Granada, Spain, 1963

American oil can used as a water bucket, Damascus, Syria 1964

Balcony used as a playpen in Istanbul, Turkey, 1964

Balloon man, Istabul, Turkey, 1964

Cairo, Egypt, 1964

Children in Jerusalem, Israel, 1964

Children in Turkey, 1964

Damascus, Syria, 1964

Dikmen hillside in springtime, Ankara, Turkey, 1964

Fruit stand in Damascus, Syria, 1964

Istanbul, Turkey, 1964

San Francisco, California, 1964

Brian Bayless, sheep herder, Ankara, Turkey, 1965

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, 1966

Copenhagen Airport, Denmark, 1967

Puerto Rico Woolworth’s, 1969

San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1969

(Photo © Kalliope Amorphous)


  1. Mostly cool pictures.
    It IS a little sad to see that pollution machine spoiling the sunset in that second shot. I realize those were different times, but given where it all has lead, it's still sad!

  2. The blue grotto is not even a photo . . .

  3. Paris, France, 1962 = Printed in reverse.




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