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January 20, 2021

Free Booklet From the 1950s Shows You How to Train Your Wife in 5 Easy Lessons

Where do we even start with this one? This ad offers a free booklet for men to train their wives just like they would teach a loyal and obedient dog to greet them when they get home, fetch their slippers, and stay quiet beside them or at their feet.

Among the promised results of these lessons are the woman’s ability to attentively respond to verbal cues like the snapping of fingers. This particular gesture is extremely offensive because it tells the man he can treat his wife like he would any attendant at a disreputable dive bar. The wife is likewise expected to massage her husband’s feet, bring him ice-cold beer, and grant all his requests—including sexual demands since she is supposed to wear nothing but a cellophane wrap.

Hopefully, the Committee for a Better America realized how offensive and backward this ad is because the country has become a better place when advancements toward gender equality were made.


  1. You guys are usually great, but this is a fake ad.

    1. It's fake only in the wording... the original cover of the 1959 Jem magazine was actually even more misogynistic with fewer words. "How to make your wife - Do what you want her to".

  2. What next? 1950s MAD magazines described as lifestyle magazines? Just wait until you guys discover all the news from The Onion.

  3. I am trying to figure out if the outrage is satire itself.

  4. Original image from the June 1959 issue of Jem magazine:

    Jem was a competitor to Playboy started by bodybuilding entrepreneur Joe Weider:

  5. The Cosmopolitan also did the same thing in 2009 creating a manual to train men to be like dogs and other animals.

  6. Hahaha These ads are hilarius... and obviously should not be taken seriously...




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