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March 8, 2021

Mail Order Girlfriends: Vintage Single’s Dating Booklet Magazine From the 1940s

These pages from Photo Album No. 11, apparently a vintage dating help publication featuring “lonely maidens, widows and divorcees searching for love, romance, happiness and marriage.”

Without seeing the actual publication, it’s hard to say for certain, but it looks as if the “happiness at your fingertips” is based solely on the male reader’s reaction to a photo.

Yes, chemistry is important; but even Playboy has the model’s bio bit. Seems personality was even less important in this vintage mail order girlfriend magazine than in the fantasy fodder pages of men’s mags. Guessing from the photos, this wasn’t that long before Playboy would hit the stands. Only head-shots alone were used. Even for the younger gals. How was a guy supposed to check out her breeding hips?

We should be thankful that this edition is “exclusively for unattached gentlemen.” …But then real gentlemen aren’t the ones to worry about. And “this edition” is exclusive? That sort of begs the question about other issues…


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