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January 2, 2021

Stunning Vintage Photos of Dreamland, an Iconic Amusement Park of Coney Island

Just months after the establishment of the iconic Lunar Park at Coney Island, in 1904 came the opening of Dreamland, another amusement park built to compete with its neighboring. On the quest to eclipse Luna, Dreamland was reputed to be bigger and more expansive. Having a larger central tower with one million electric light bulbs, four times as many lights as Luna, Dreamland’s majestic erection dominated the Brooklyn neighborhood’s skyline for seven years until the park’s fiery demise in 1911.

As the park was supposed to be defined in design, Dreamland was painted pure white and featured elegant architecture, unlike Luna Park with its bright colors and many rides. Alongside the thrills and rides, of which many were imitations of Luna’s most popular, the park also included high-class entertainment and several educational exhibits. To ensure the triumph over its neighboring, Dreamland purchased rights to the most favoured attractions displayed at world’s fairs, and hired away some of Luna’s best performers.

Take a look at the park through 15 vintage photographs and postcards below:


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