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January 28, 2021

Fascinating Vintage Photos of British Youth in the 1950s

Take a look back at the youth, the spivs, the Teddy boys and girls in post-war England in the 1950s through 20 fascinating black-and-white vintage photographs: 

Four young men at a smart London bar, 1953. (Bert Hardy)

A gang member lounging outside a coffee stall, London, 1953. (Charles Hewitt)

A pair of young women by the fountains in Trafalgar Square, London, 1953. (Alex Dellow)

A young couple in a London pub, 1954. (Bert Hardy)

A group of young people playing cards, 1954. (Bert Hardy)

Teddy boys at the Mecca Dance Hall in Tottenham, London, 1954. (Alex Dellow)

A group of spivs playing dice, 1954. (Bert Hardy)

A pair of 'spivs' hanging out, London, 1954. (Bert Hardy)

Young people enjoying themselves in a jazz club, 1954. (Charles Hewitt)

A group of 'spivs' at a local cafe in the Notting Hill Gate area of London, 1954. (Alex Dellow)

A group of spivs loitering in Notting Hill, London, 1954. (Bert Hardy)

A group of teenagers at a ceremony, 1955. (Bert Hardy)

Young people at a cafe in London, 1955. (Bert Hardy)

A pair of young employees running through Waterloo train station, London, 1955. (Bert Hardy)

A Teddy boy jiving at a jazz and hot gospel concert in Leeds town hall, 1955. (Carl Sutton)

Young people dancing to rock & roll, Manchester, 1956. (ullstein bild)

A group of rock 'n' roll fans chatting on the street, 1956. (Express)

Teenagers enjoy an evening at the Cotton Dance Hall in Rochdale, 1957. (Bert Hardy)

A pair of unemployed teenagers on a street corner, Liverpool, 1957. (Bert Hardy)

A group of teenagers on their night out, Liverpool, 1957. (Bert Hardy)

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  1. Wow, man how different we are now. Really makes you rethink of your life choices when looking at these pictures.




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