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January 14, 2021

A Look Back at a Young and Dazzling Brigitte Bardot in the ‘50s

Although she had been in movies before, it was not until 1956 that Brigitte Bardot finally rose to stardom thanks to the four films she appeared in, especially And God Created Woman, the vehicle that launched her into the spotlight and made her an overnight sensation. It was from that same year that her famous “sex kitten” persona was created and popularized ever since.

Take a look back at a young and radiant Bardot in the 1950s through 27 beautiful vintage black and white portraits:

1952. (Walter Carone)

1952. (Walter Carone)

1952. (Walter Carone)

1952. (adoc)

1953. (Jack Garofalo)

1953. (Alex Quinino)

1950s. (Keystone)

1953. (Keystone)

1953. (Jack Garofalo)

1950s. (Photo12)

1950s. (Gaston)

1955. (Bela Zola)

1955. (ACE)

1955. (Popperfoto)

1956. (Bettmann)

1950s. (ullstein bild)

1956. (Sunset Boulevard)

1956. (Sunset Boulevard)

1956. (Popperfoto)

1956. (Harold Clements)

1957. (Jack Garofalo)

1958. (Popperfoto)

1958. (Simon Michou)

1958. (Simon Michou)

1958. (Mario De Biasi)

1958. (Franco Vitale)

1959. (Sunset Boulevard)


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